• $369.00

Genuine Python Leather Handmade iPhone X Case
. 100% Genuine Python Skin
. Color: Black, White, Red, Blue
. Handmade item
. Perfect Fitting: The Size fits your phone perfectly. It is easy to install or remove. All cutouts are precisely designed to access all your device’s features.
. The soft inner lining comfortably contacts the surface of the device, prevent scratches from disassembling the device.

  Although some snakes are dangerous, there is still some good you can find in them including using their skin to make a cover for the latest iPhone. The snakeskin case for iPhone X is one of the best cases you will ever find suitable for the high-end phones like the iPhone X. Since the iPhone X launch, many people have preferred to buy the snakeskin case for the phone, and this is backed up by the following reasons.

The Snakeskin Case Is Strong and Durable

  For the iPhone X, the best cover case is one made from snakeskin, and this is because the skin of the snake is hard. Further, during the processing, it is hardened to make it stronger and more durable. Therefore once you buy the iPhone X, you should buy the most durable case which is the case made from snakeskin. The phone will be protected in case it drops and hits a hard surface and this is based on the fact that the snakeskin case acts as an extra case preventing the phone from a hard impact the moment it lands on the floor. Therefore buy the snakeskin case for your iPhone X today.

The Snakeskin Case for iPhone X Saves Your Money

  The other cases made from the non-leather material will wear out easier than the snakeskin case. Therefore it is important that you buy the case that will last for long since it will serve you for long. The non-leather cases wear out easily, and you keep replacing them. The snakeskin case for your iPhone X will last for a very long time and therefore unless you are changing your phone or you accidentally lose your phone, the case will serve you for long. In the long run, you will save more money since you don’t keep buying phone cases.

There Are Different Designs That Come with Snakeskin for iPhone X

  The snakeskin case comes in many different designs and decorations to suit your iPhone X. Therefore if you would like a case that looks exotic and comes in many different designs and decorations, then the snakeskin is the best to go for. You will also get different colors, therefore, you can buy two to three cases as you like so that you can keep changing. This is also good because the iPhone X came in different colors meaning it will last for long.

The Snakeskin Case for iPhone gives Your Phone a Firm Grip

  The scales on the snakeskin makes it have a firm grip, therefore, your phone will always have a good support on your hands. This comes in handy since the phone can easily slip off your phone since the back is made from a very smooth glass-like material.

Guide in Caring for Your Snakeskin iPhone X Case

  Accessories that are made from exotic leather can add class to your entire outfit. Nonetheless, it is a delicate material that requires special maintenance and care. In order to enjoy our Snakeskin iPhone X Case to its full potential, we need to make sure that it is properly maintained. We don’t just toss it in our bag when we are going to our work. Caring for accessories made from snakeskin can help us guarantee that we will enjoy its beauty and luster for the next years.

Preparing the Items That You’ll Need

  Before we proceed in enumerating the things that you have to do to care for your snakeskin iPhone X case, make sure that you have all the necessary materials. Look for a leather-spray and ensure that it is water-based and that it is safe to use for the snakeskin. Prepare a brush that has soft bristles, leather conditioner, and white cloths. There are also snakeskin polishes that are sold in the market.

Apply a Leather Spray

  Applying the leather spray should be done the moment that you purchase the protectant spray. You should also make it a habit to apply it every month. Make certain that you will only use a spray that is completely safe-to-use for the snakeskin. It should be reapplied every time that you will clean your iPhone case.

Use a Brush with Soft Bristles

  You will need to remove the dirt on the surface of your iPhone X case. Try to do this every time that you will notice a build-up of dirt. Carefully move the brush back and forth, and the brushing should be done in a manner that it is against the scale’s grain. Continue doing this until all visible dirt has been removed.

Wipe the Dirt Using White Cloth

  Using a damp and white cloth made from cotton is a perfect way to remove the dust and dirt. This will help you prevent the material from quickly deteriorating. Gently wipe the surface of the iPhone X case. This should also be done in an approach similar with the brush to remove the dirt. Place your iPhone X case in a well-ventilated area until it dries.

Leather Conditioner

  After cleaning your snakeskin iPhone X case, you need to use a leather conditioner to keep it from going dry and brittle. Check the specification of the conditioner; it should be specifically designed for snakeskin. Apply only a tiny coat of the leather conditioner by using a soft cotton cloth.

Polishing Your iPhone X Case

  Polish your snakeskin case with a polish designed for exotic leather. Make sure to choose a polish that matches the tone of your cases or at least use a neutral color. A soft cloth should be used when applying polish on the grain’s direction. Apply it on an even layer and allow it to completely dry.

  When cleaning your snakeskin iPhone X case, avoid soaking your accessory in the water. On the off chance that it becomes wet, wipe them using a soft cloth and place them on a well-ventilated area. Following the particular care method for your snakeskin case will prevent the premature deterioration of your iPhone X case.